These are photos of myself wearing my self-portrait masks. 

Gallery 1: Favourites

Gallery 2: Photoshoot "In the Woods, December 2020

Gallery 3: Using masks to change how my body looks. Mimicking contortionism and placing masks on different parts of my body as a 'false face' to make my body appear 'supernatural'. 

Gallery 4: Inside Out Masks and Double Masks. Each mask has more than one face.

Gallery 5: Woven Masks. Each mask is made by 'weaving' together 2 separate masks. Different variations of this mask exist. Many times this mask is not glued together and because it isn't 'fixed' in place, it would fall apart while I was wearing it, as can be seen here in the photos. A video played backwards, show the mask building itself up. Each strip can be a mask in itself. 

Gallery 6: Compilation of some of my wearable masks.

Gallery 7A new rice paper mask- strong enough to hold it's shape but thin enough it cracked like an eggshell, and try as I might, it can never be repaired. 

Gallery 8: Some of my older masks from my days at University when I started developing this "PhotoMask" technique. These masks are of a mix of friends/family and a doll, before I started exclusively making self-portraits.