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My current body of work explores Self-Portraits and Masks as a way to examine identity. I currently have over 100 masks (see below "Collections"), each one made from a cast of my face. I do a lot of photo and video work while wearing my masks (see below "Wearing Masks"). Occasionally I take portraits of others wearing my masks, usually family members. (see below "Portraits") I am currently expanding my practise to include full-bodied, performative work which is challenging but the next step in pushing my practise further (see below "Performance"). I also love experimenting with new materials and new ways to 'mask' myself (see "Sculptures" and "Origami"). This is a very playful process for me as I grow my collection of Self-Portrait Masks and experimenting with new variations and new ways to incorporate masks as extensions of my body.

Miya Turnbull Assorted Masks.jpg
11 Turnbull- Assorted Sculpture
DSC_5852-low res.jpg
Origami Portrait Compilation.jpg
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