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“Miya Turnbull- The Art Between” Biopic presented by ArtSeen, 2023

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Visual Arts News, Volume 44, Number 2, Fall 2022

So honoured to have my artwork on the cover of the latest issue of Visual Arts News, a magazine that explores contemporary art practices in Atlantic Canada, on the unceded and unsurrendered lands of the Beothuk, Mi’kmaq, Wolastoqiyik, Inuit, Innu, and the Southern Inuit of NunatuKavut

A beautiful article written by Clare Goulet, a local writer, poet and educator, is published on pages 21-25. You can read the article here and the magazine is now available for purchase

Nikkei Voice, the Japanese Canadian National Newspaper
Interview and article written by Kelly Fleck (editor).
Printed in the holiday issue (Dec 2022/Jan 2023),  
Vol. 36, No. 10. Pages 11, 19. 
Read the article here

Honoured to be included in the latest issue of Warriors Within Collective Magazine, issue #10 (August 2022)


A huge thank you to Krista Davenport, a photographer from Texas who curates this beautiful magazine, and for inviting me to join the tribe of amazing warrior women artists!


Cover artist: Novraka 

Photo credit: Shion Skye Carter (image of me laying on the ground with my masks)

Written by Gata Magazine, an independent online magazine based in Tokyo, Japan.
Featured on their Instagram account, May 29th, 2022

A Spliced, Inverted and Distorted


Miya Turnbull is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist of

Japanese, English and Scottish heritage. Recurringly

using her own likeness as her motif, she explores

themes of identity, creating masks as three-

dimensional self-portraits. Through sculpture,

photography, collage and origami, Turnbull examines

emotions of being "in-between"-referencing her

mixed ancestry-and explores the vulnerabilities of the

ever-changing physical appearance. Through spliced

and distorted faces, multiple photorealistic eyes as well

as the intertwining of cultural identity elements,

Turnbull's works evoke notions of surrealism and

disillusionment, triggering sentiments of the uncanny

valley. Although mainly working with masks, Turnbull

has worked with mediums such as animation, textiles,

and film.

In her latest short film "Omote(面)" which can be

translated as surface or face, she works with

Vancouver-based dance artist Shion Skye Carter who is

also of mixed-Japanese heritage to reflect on the

diaspora of being of Nikkei heritage; Nikkei referring to

Japanese emigrants, or descendants born overseas.

Lovers of Shintaro Kago or Satoshi Kon will surely be

captivated by Turnbull's work as some of her work

bears a likeness to the former, just in a real-life


To see more of her work head over to her Instagram


I am the cover and featured artist in the latest issue of MASKS Literary Magazine, which is an independent, non-profit literary magazine, published in partnership with the Columbia College Chicago Library and the Aesthetics of Research Program.

Read the online version of the magazine here

Read my full interview here