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Photography is a very important part of my process. I use photo elements within my work to create an uncanny resemblance within my masks, in addition to capturing images of myself wearing these facades. Often I can't see through the masks when I am wearing them, so filming or photographing myself with the masks is a way I can see 'outside' of myself and see what movements or images look interesting to me. I also love taking photographs of myself with the masks and layering or altering it in Photoshop, or compiling certain images together to suggest or tell a story as can be seen below. See also: Wearing Masks and Performance, where I also use photography heavily in my work. 

Photographs can be for sale, even if it not advertised. Inquire by email if interested.

Gallery 1: A compilation of images of myself wearing my masks or face paint,  I create layered digital self-portraits. See individual photographs below in Gallery 3

Assorted Self-Portrait Photos.jpeg

Gallery 2: Self-Portrait (Photos as Masks), 2020, is a part of the Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank, purchased in 2021. It is currently on display at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia- Western Branch (Yarmouth, NS) for the 2020 and 2021 NS Art Bank Purchases starting May 14th, 2022 for one year.


It was also part of an online exhibit called Engaging Creativities: Art in the Pandemic, co-presented by the University of Alberta (Dept of Art and Design) and the Royal Society of Canada (2021). 

This photograph was also on display as digital art shown in a physical space with touchscreens throughout M.A.D.S. Art Gallery- Milan, Italy (2021).

Gallery 3: Individual Photographs

Gallery 4: Self portrait masks mixed with my image in an AI program called Playform

Self Portrait (AI).jpg

Gallery 5: A mask made from rice paper is strong enough to hold it's shape but thin enough to crack like an eggshell. To see individual photographs of this series, they are posted under Wearing Masks. 

Miya Turnbull. Self Portrait (Underneath

Gallery 6: Self-Portrait (Woven/Coming Undone), 2021is a part of the Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank, purchased in 2021.

Self-Portrait (Woven/Coming Undone).jpg

Gallery 7: Origami Self-Portraits, 2021is a new series of work. To see more of this body, please click here.

Origami Portrait Compilation.jpg

Gallery 8: Body Language, 2022is a compilation of images of new performative work with "Skin Suits" and Masks. 
This photograph is being purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank to add to their working collection, 2022. 

Body Language.jpg
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