Photographs are for sale. Inquire by email if interested

Gallery 1: A compilation of images of myself wearing my masks or face paint,  I create layered digital self-portraits. See individual photographs below in Gallery 3

Assorted Self-Portrait Photos.jpeg

Gallery 2: Self-Portrait (Photos as Masks), 2020, is a part of the Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank


Gallery 3: Individual Photographs

Gallery 4: Self portrait masks mixed with my image in an AI program called Playform

Self Portrait (AI).jpg
Miya Turnbull. Self Portrait (Underneath

Gallery 5: A mask made from rice paper is strong enough to hold it's shape but thin enough to crack like an eggshell. To see individual photographs of this series, they are posted under Wearing Masks. 

Gallery 6: Self-Portrait (Woven/Coming Undone), 2021is a part of the Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank

Self-Portrait (Woven/Coming Undone).jpg

Gallery 7: Origami Self-Portraits, 2021is a new series of work. To see more of this body, please click here.

Origami Portrait Compilation.jpg