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​April 6th- July 27th, 2024

Nelson Museum, Archives and Gallery

Nelson, BC

Curated by Arin Fay

PULP is the latest iteration in a series of medium-centric group exhibitions, focused on a common theme – in this case, paper – that highlights each artist’s interpretation of the medium. PULP opens Friday, April 5 at the Nelson Museum, Archives & Gallery, and runs through July 27.  

In the hands of artists from across Canada, the artworks that embody PULP speak to personal, regional, socio-political, and historic symbology; seen in the feminist forms of Gathie Falk and Badanna Zack, with an Indigenous perspective through the work of Edward Poitras, through the revolt and response of Mia Feuer, the masks of Miya Turnbull, and the poetic/historical approach of Susan Andrews Grace.

Exhibit photos taken by: Bobbi Barbarich 

Illusive Masks
Group Exhibit

Curated by Feng Boyi 

SEEWELL International Art Center, Fuzhou, China

June 15-Sept 15, 2024

Hiroto Kitagawa (Japan), Chen Nong
(China), Chen Xuanrong (China), Cindy Sherman (USA), Bora Hong (Korea), Hong Hao (China)Líu Bolin (China), Miya Turnbull (Canada), Song Dong & Ma Qiusha & Hong Wei (China), Song Jiayi (China), Tang Yi (China), Xu Bing (China), Yue Minjun (China), Zeng Fanzhi (China), Zhang Wei (China), Zhang Yanzi (China), and Zong Ning (China)

Esker Foundation, Calgary, Alberta


"Like everything alive that we try to hold forever"

23 September - 17 December

Group exhibition featuring the artwork of Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Diane Borsato, Stephanie Dinkins, Bridget Moser, Sondra Perry, and Miya Turnbull


"Like everything alive that we try to hold forever" brings together seven artists whose works, in a broad sense, reflect ways that our human bodies exist in relation to non-human objects and the complex, interconnected ways that these objects, through their systemic collection, consumption, and contextualization, impact our understanding of self and others.


-Curated by Elizabeth Diggon, Naomi Potter and Shauna Thompson


Any of the photos seen on the wall behind my mask table are the work of Diane Borsatto


This exhibit is also in conjunction with "Care and Wear: Bodies Crafted for Harm and Healing" and is curated by Brendan Griebel and Jude Griebel, 2 brothers who are an anthropologist and visual artist respectively. They are showing selections from their collection of surrogate bodies from the Museum of Fear and Wonder based in Bergen, Alberta. 

Photograph credit: Blaine Campbell

Audio walkthrough about my masks and origami

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