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Esker Foundation, Calgary, Alberta


"Like everything alive that we try to hold forever"

23 September - 17 December

Group exhibition featuring the artwork of Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Diane Borsato, Stephanie Dinkins, Bridget Moser, Sondra Perry, and Miya Turnbull


"Like everything alive that we try to hold forever" brings together seven artists whose works, in a broad sense, reflect ways that our human bodies exist in relation to non-human objects and the complex, interconnected ways that these objects, through their systemic collection, consumption, and contextualization, impact our understanding of self and others.


-Curated by Elizabeth Diggon, Naomi Potter and Shauna Thompson


Any of the photos seen on the wall behind my mask table are the work of Diane Borsatto


This exhibit is also in conjunction with "Care and Wear: Bodies Crafted for Harm and Healing" and is curated by Brendan Griebel and Jude Griebel, 2 brothers who are an anthropologist and visual artist respectively. They are showing selections from their collection of surrogate bodies from the Museum of Fear and Wonder based in Bergen, Alberta. 

Photograph credit: Blaine Campbell

Audio walkthrough about my masks and origami

Fall Brochure PDF

Miya Turnbull: Inward, Outwards
Solo Exhibition

Acadia University Art Gallery
Wolfville, NS

Nov 12th, 2022 - Feb 7th, 2023

Curated by Dr. Laurie Dalton

Read Exhibit Highlights: 3 Questions answered by Miya Turnbull

FFBR Invite.jpeg
FFBR Statement.jpeg

Fashion for Bank Robbers” Exhibition

Maximiliansforum in Munich, Germany

 August 3rd - October 16th, 2022

The exhibition presents hundreds of images and videos showing masks and mask-related works by 250 artists staged by photographers and cinematographers from all around the globe.
Curated by Carina Shoshtary

Read about the exhibit and a bit about my work here in Germany's biggest newspaper:

Many Faces”, translated from German

 Süddeutsche Zeitung, written by Sofia Pavlu. Aug 12th, 2022

Invitation card/poster designed by @studio_alexandra_rusitschka 
Artists from left to right:
@munstrumtheatre @ouh_loulou@colombe2ailes & @elo.se_costumes
@la.comedie.humaine @delphinecottu
@maiko_takeda @bryanhuynh 
- and final image on the right is mine! @miyamask 

Solo exhibit at Eltuek Arts Centre, Gallery 203
Sydney, Nova Scotia (Unama'ki/Cape Breton)

Featuring over 50 self-portrait masks, photographs, videos and origami
July 6th-Sept 1st, 2022


Viewers will meet a multitude of faces throughout this space, each with a slightly different gaze yet recognizably consistent throughout. Miya draws from the traditional use of masks worn for disguise, transformation and protection as well as metaphors for persona, archetype, self-image and identity. Her masks are three-dimensional self-portraits, created by combining photography, sculpture and collage. She forms multiple iterations of her 'self' to explore her experiences, perceptions, mixed Japanese Canadian heritage and inner world, making the invisible, visible. 


The masks show an uncanny resemblance to the artist, but that familiarity is often altered. Miya changes the placement or even erases select facial features and cuts up and re-attaches masks together in unusual combinations that may evoke a visceral reaction. By doing so, she examines herself from an outsider perspective and separates herself from her physical appearance. Miya's practice has expanded towards interaction and embodiment, highlighting the transformational powers of the masks when her body and energy bring them to life, this captured through video. As a group of self-portraits, she hopes the viewer sees a part of her in all, or perhaps 'in-between' all of them.