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This is new work that I have been developing over the past year. I've been pushing myself to add performance elements to my practise and to incorporate full-bodied movement, showcasing the transformational powers of my masks when my body and energy bring them to life, captured through video and photographs.

The first thing I started working with are spandex body-suits which I call 'Skin Suits'. Sometimes these body suits mask my body and sometimes they add extra limbs to my body. Sometimes I use them like a puppet to create something 'creature-like" or something outside of myself.

Sometimes I am working with multiple masks, stacking them or trying to wear many layers all at once. Sometimes the layers multiply or fragment my facial features.

I had the honour of working and collaborating with Vancouver based dance artist, Shion Skye Carter this past Spring, as part of Yume. Digital Dreams. We performed and created a video called "Omote (面)" . We hope to work together in the future creating this into a live performance. 

Body Language, 2022

This is a compilation of images (which can be seen separately in the gallery above) that seem very gestural and when laid out together seem to represent a visual, written alphabet or language. 

This photograph is currently being purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank and will become a part of their working collection.

Body Language-Compilation- small.jpg