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"Omote (面)" is a collaboration between mask maker Miya Turnbull (Halifax, NS) and dance artist Shion Skye Carter (Vancouver, BC). We were brought together by Yume. Digital Dreams collaboration project presented by Tashme Productions in 2022, which united 14 Japanese Canadian artists together. Custom music made by Stefan Nazarevich (Vancouver, B.C.)

Article about our collaboration in The Nikkei Voice "Revealing Layers Within", May 2023

This project exists in several forms: 

Short Film: 

The film version, seen above, has screened at several film festivals including FIN (Atlantic International Film Festival, 2022), International Portrait Film Festival in Bulgaria (2022), Asian Arts: Environments of Resilience and Sustainability, Media Arts Exhibition (Korean Film Festival Canada/ Arts East-West) Dazibao Gallery in Montréal (2023) and Shifting Tides (Dance Films from Atlantic Canada, 2023) among other showings in galleries and venues in Canada and in Germany.

Live Performance: 

We also developed Omote (面) into a live performance, Spring 2023, commissioned by CanAsian Dance Kickstart Program and co-presented by Tangente and Festival Accès Asie. This 20 min performance was supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Kinetic Studio in Halifax. We performed in Montreal May 6-9th, 2023 and Toronto May 12-14th, 2023. Dramaturgy provided by Julie Tamiko Manning. We also have plans to develop this into a full length piece. See below for an excerpt from the show.

Art/Photo Book:

Before the premiere of Omote (面) in Montréal, we had a photo session with Nanne Springer and the results from that photoshoot, I made into a photo book, thanks to the 2023 Art & Photo Book Award by Boooooom. You can order a copy here or get in touch with me directly. Retail price is $30 USD or $40 CAD plus shipping. 


I've been pushing myself to add performance elements to my practise and to incorporate full-bodied movement, showcasing the transformational powers of my masks when my body and energy bring them to life, captured through video and photographs.

The first thing I started working with are spandex body-suits which I call 'Skin Suits'. Sometimes these body suits mask my body and sometimes they add extra limbs to my body. Sometimes I use them like a puppet to create something 'creature-like" or something outside of myself.

Sometimes I am working with multiple masks, stacking them or trying to wear many layers all at once. Sometimes the layers multiply or fragment my facial features.

Body Language, 2022

This is a compilation of images (which can be seen separately in the gallery above) that seem very gestural and when laid out together seem to represent a visual, written alphabet or language. 

This photograph is currently being purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank and will become a part of their working collection.

Body Language-Compilation- small.jpg