This is new work, currently in development. I've been pushing myself to add performance elements to my work and to incorportate full-bodied movement recently, as opposed to head shots with the masks. The first thing I started working with are spandex body-suits which I call 'Skin Suits'. I've also purchased a beautiful second hand kimono to work with. Sometimes I am working with multiple masks, stacking them or trying to wear many all at once. Some of this work is photo based and some will be video and movement. 
 A really special collaboration with dance artist Shion Skye Carter has been happening this Spring. Stay tuned for our video piece that we are currently working on. It will be presented by Yume. Digital Dreams (Tashme Productions) on May 16th, 2022 at 9:00 ADT (UTC -03) through a live Facebook event found here.

Body Language, 2022

This is a compilation of images (which can be seen separately in the gallery above) that seem very gestural and when laid out together seem to represent a visual, written language. 

This photograph will be a part of the 2022 Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank

Body Language-Compilation- small.jpg

Stacked Masks Performance, Photo Series
Masks and Performance by Miya Turnbull, 2022

Video of this work can be seen below through YouTube links

Mirror Play/Movement and exploration with my Masked Self, 2022
See Video Links down below

Exploration with Multiple Masks, Still images from Video (can be seen below in YouTube Links), 2022