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Miya (pronounced Mee-yah) Turnbull is an artist based in Halifax (K'jipuktuk), Nova Scotia, Canada. This website explores her current body of work with Self-Portrait Masks, Photography, Video and Projection Work. 

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The artwork of Miya Turnbull, presented by Fashion For Bank Robbers, January 2021. The first of a series of videos about mask-makers from around the world, entitled: Behind the Mask.

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Art Reveal Magazine, May 2021
Issue #59

Cover art and Featured Artist:
Miya Turnbull

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Self Portrait (Half Japanese).jpeg

     I was one of 3 mask makers interviewed by Nataliya Tchermalykh (@amstramgram), a Social Anthropologist, from the University of Geneva. She recently presented her research about our work to the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) Conference in Visual Anthropology that is part of the RAI Film Festival, normally held in Bristol (UK) but was online this year due to Covid. The Film Festival ran from March 19-28th, 2021 and included a Panel Discussion on March 25th, 2021. 


     I am so honoured to be included in her research. Other mask makers that were interviewed were Mammu Rauhala (@mammu) from Finland and Liuba Malikova (@dis_order_dress and @luba_of_dis_order) from Ukraine. 


     Her paper is called “A Mask of One’s Own” and in Dr. Tchermalykh’s words, "This paper uses an anthropological lens to make sense of the expanding artistic creativity, related to hygienic masks and other face-covering devices in the times of Covid-19 in relation to other social meanings attributed to these objects.”

To access her online shop where she sells paintings and textile work, including silkscreened designs and work with natural dyes, please visit: www.thatcat.ca


Ki (#55)
Ki (#55)

Ki (Germinate)
Ki (Germinate)